Microblading Courses

Training Courses

Brows Course 4 techniques

Duration varies · $7,000
Private One by One Training – 7 days – 7 models in the training time and 3 models after the course, lifetime support Learn all about 4 techniques: 1. Microblading 2 .Ombre 3. Microbladingg and Shading 4 .Microblading and Ombre How to open a cosmetic tattoo business Everything about Skin, Color, Pigments, Blades, Needles, Cosmetic Tattoo Machine, Before and After Care, Clients Consultation, Photos and Video. etc
Microblading Course
Duration varies · $4,000
One by One training- 4 days course , Practice on 3 reals models within the course and 2 models after the course. Theories all about skin layer, skin types, face shape, how to make a beautiful brows shape, client consultation , before and after care, how to choose and mix pigments, microblading techniques , marketing bussiness…ect.. support anytime.
Ombre Course
Duration varies · $3,500
One by One -4 days training course- 3 reals models on training time( 2 more models after the course) Theories all about Ombre technique, skin types, face shape, drawing different shapes, pigments mixing, needle types and machine, before and after care, client consultations, business registration…ect… lifetime support .
Lip Blushing Course
Duration varies · $4,000
4 Days Course, you learn all about the Lip Blushing Theories( skin, color, pigment, neutralize dark lip, before and after care, healing process, needle and machine..ect..) , practice on 3 real models, how to edit photos and videos , effective marketing cosmetic business on social media, lifetime support.

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