Aftercare Instructions

After the initial procedure the colour will be darker than what you anticipated don’t worry this is normal as the colour will fade about 40% within the first week.

  • You must never touch the area unless you have washed your hands thoroughly as this may cause bacteria to infect the treated area.
  • Always cleanse the area with a cotton bud or Q Tip.
  • Do not scrub or apply any harsh facial moisturisers that contain glycolic acid or Alpha Hydroxy Acids as these dissolve your dead skin cells and may also dissolve the pigment.
  • Apply the balm that was provided with your after-care kit this will last you for about 1 week. After that you can apply Paw – Paw Ointment.
  • Avoid makeup on the area and use sunscreen to avoid the sun fading your cosmetic tattoo.
  • Do not pick at the tattoo allow the area to flake away itself.
  • Avoid long showers, swimming, sauna’s, steam rooms or spas for 2 weeks after the procedure.
  • Tanning Beds should always be avoided.

Once your tattoo has healed you may require a follow up appointment to update any lines or patchiness this is normal and is usually done 6 weeks after.

If you have any issues that cause any discomfort, please contact me immediately.